Guest Speaker Nina Ferraro

Nina F

After 13 years in healthcare technology strategy at the senior and executive levels, Nina understood how seriously she and her team of 130 people took achievement and advancement – it often meant neglecting their health, well-being, relationships, and more. After some serious reflection, Nina determined that she did not want to reduce her achievement but did want to increase her overall well-being. So, she took action.

After researching productivity, achievement, and well-being for several years – she created a Boldly Go Productivity Methodology that teaches someone how to produce at their highest level, work at the right times for their brain and body, reduce stress and anxiety – all without neglecting their overall well-being. Understanding this methodology and being disciplined to live it out in one’s life or the workplace will bring any person, team, or company to the next level. Her methodologies have been used by businesses and individuals throughout the country, and have been shown to influence major culture shifts.

The results allow you to reduce attrition, increase motivation and inspiration, improve productive work, and see spikes in overall joy. When Nina implemented her methodologies with her team, she saw team growth increase by 500% and attrition drop from 22% to 4% in two years’ time.

As a Productivity expert, Nina helps individuals, teams, and companies operate at peak levels in all areas of their life. Nina excels at helping people develop their short- and long-term vision (Boldly Blueprint), create a detailed plan of action (Boldly Building Blocks), and then methodically coaches them and holds them accountable to putting that plan into productive action by the very next day (Boldly Go Productivity Methodology).

Beyond Nina’s dedication to Boldly + Co., she lives in Kenosha with her husband and two children (Rome, 8, and Stasia, 5); she is passionate about investing in residential and commercial real-estate throughout the Midwest; and in her spare time, she most enjoys: reading, traveling, eating appetizers instead of entrees, and being in any kind of competition – she’s in it to win it!


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