August Member Spotlight

Lynn Biese-Carroll

The Shalom Center

Lynn Biese-Carroll

Our member spotlight this month features Lynn Biese-Carroll. In 1992, as a chiropractor, Lynn moved to Kenosha where there were no female chiropractors. At that time, Kenosha had fewer chiropractors than anywhere (except 2 counties) in the U.S. It was these demographic stats that attracted Lynn to Kenosha. She opened her first chiropractic office in 1992. As an adjunct professor at Palmer College, Lynn was committed to mentoring chiropractic interns which she melded with her business strategy of franchising group practices and developed into 6 chiropractic clinics and 14 doctors within 10 years. Mentoring women was important to Lynn. To date, 7 of 14 chiropractors that began their careers with the Biese Chiropractic Clinics were female and all went on to run successful practices on their own.

In 2008, Lynn retired from practice to return to Loyola University to obtain an Executive MBA. She has been a member of the Advisory Board and Board of Directors of the Mahone Foundation for 15 years and the Board of Directors for Women and Children’s Horizon for 25 years. She has taught Anatomy & Physiology at community college, was Executive Director of the Sharing Center (Paddock Lake) and Clinic Administrator of the Kenosha Community Health Center before taking the position of Executive Director of the Shalom Center in Kenosha.

Lynn’s life has been dedicated to supporting and teaching people in need and empowering young women to find their place in the world, where they, too, can make a difference.