February Guest Speaker

Karen Hansen Johnson

The Shalom Center

KenoshaKaren earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work from Dana College in Blair, Nebraska.  At the same time Karen was away at school, her mother Greta with the  support of Karen’s father Paul, started the Kenosha Soup Kitchen which is now known as the Shalom Center.  After living away from Kenosha for nearly 30 years, Karen returned to her hometown in 2013 with her  husband Todd, to be her ailing mother’s primary caregivers.  After Greta passed away in May 2014, Karen and Todd decided to make Kenosha their home and continue the legacy her parents began with the Shalom Center.

Karen joined the Shalom Center Board of Directors in September 2014.  She is on a mission to better inform the community of what the Shalom Center has been able to accomplish in its 30 plus years with the generosity of its amazing donors and volunteers.  Karen  serves on the following committees within the board: Building Committee, Public Relations Committee, Fundraising Committee and the Capital Campaign Committee.  She began the popular cheesy scarf fundraiser for Shalom.  She developed and brought to life Shalom’s first mascot, SOUPY Shalom.  Karen is also currently employed with Rosenthal Heating & Air Conditioning as a Commercial Account Manager.